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220 W. Broadway Ave.
Maryville, TN 37801-4706

facility_group1.jpgMcCammon Ammons Click Funeral Home has been "Serving Quietly With Dignity" since 1906. We are a family owned and operated funeral home and serve families of all faiths, priding ourselves in providing excellent service while maintaining the highest professional standards.

Our emphasis is to create a meaningful, respectful service that is a custom fit for each family's individual wants, needs and budget. From the notification that a death has occurred to the final graveside prayers and beyond, the staff and Funeral Directors at McCammon-Ammons-Click assist the family every step of the way.

1940's Fleet of Equipment

facility_group2.jpgAs a complete funeral home with complete funeral and cremation services, McCammon-Ammons-Click offers not only traditional funeral services but also graveside services, memorial services, ship-in and ship-out services, cremation packages, immediate burials, medical science arrangements, pre-need programs and monument sales.

Our funeral home unites the time honored traditions with the willingness and ability to grow to meet the needs of those we serve.

At McCammon Ammons Click Funeral Home, our number one priority for almost one hundred years has been and will continue to be to provide the most caring service possible for our families.

s_old_mccam.jpgSam H. McCammon & Roy E. Ammons both Blount Co. natives, entered their funeral career early in the 1900's. Both received their embalming education in the Cincinnati Embalming School.

Mr. Ammons started his career in 1906 with the Ed F. Harper Furniture and Undertaking Co. on Main Street in downtown Maryville, next to the old post office.

Mr. McCammon started his career in 1910 with the Bogle Furniture Co. in the Dunlap Building on Main Street, which still stands.

s_old_ammo.jpgThey formed the partnership of McCammon-Ammons in the 1900's and moved to the present location and remained active until the death of Mr. Ammons in 1961, and Mr. McCammon's retirement in 1971, and his death in 1976.

Tom Click joined the firm in August of 1956 as an embalmer and funeral director.

He purchased the 50% interest of Mr. Ammons in 1965 and the remaining stock of Mr. McCammon in 1971. Since then, many additions and many changes in the structure of the building have taken place.

Jimmy-Click-sm.jpgIn the early 1960's, Jim Click, who is a brother, came from the Click Funeral Home in Lenoir City and joined Tom.

While they are completely independent of each other, they are the same family who operate funeral homes in Lenoir City & Farragut.

Not only does McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home have a long history in the funeral business, the very ground it stands upon has its own previous history.

old_horsecarrage.jpgLong before McCammon Ammons Click Funeral Home occupied its present location, this same property was the site of Maryville's first public school. In 1850 a brick building, three stories high, was built to house the East Tennessee Masonic Female Institute. Later two wings were added to the original building.

Along came the Civil War, and this building, like many others in Maryville, was severely damaged. Anything that could be used for fuel was torn out, ripped up and burned, or used for other purposes. When the war ended James M. Toole refurbished the building and opened another school in 1868. This school later became a public school for boys as well as girls. Between 250 and 300 students roamed these halls from 1890 until 1896.

The masons regained their property after the school was moved to the site of the Maryville Municipal Building, but they sold it four years later to the late Joe Burger. The old school house was eventually torn down.

house2.jpgJohn Keny bought the land and built his family a spacious home. This home was very elegant and modern for its own time. Pine and oak banisters and beautiful hard wood floors graced this home. The building had a cistern, which was located beneath a porch that was formerly at the rear of the house, and a holding tank for water, which was in the attic area. The Keny family had a hardware business in downtown Maryville. The Keny residence remains part of the McCammon Ammons Click Funeral Home.